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School Council

Our school council meet regularly to discuss ideas to improve the school and to plan fun events to raise money for our chosen charities.

Each half term, every class has a class council meeting, chaired by the two class representatives who bring ideas back to school council to discuss.


School Council Blog Posts 21/22 


We have recently finished varnishing all the pebbles everyone made. Soon we will place them in to the story garden for all to see them glisten in the sun. Well done to everyone who made one, they look amazing!

(Henry, Year 5 School Council Representative) 


Hi everyone,
This is Ruby and Henry speaking on the behalf of school council and this is our school council section of the Beehive website where we keep you updated on what goes on in our school council meetings. Also we can alert you on any upcoming fundraisers that may be coming up in the future.
At the minute, we are trying to raise money to make space for a quiet place in the ks1 and ks2 playgrounds. The idea of the quiet place is to have a place where children can go and relax at break time and lunchtime as not everyone enjoys running around and playing games at break and lunch. We as a school council still need to figure out where it is going to be, what is going to be included in it and also we need to work out how it is going to work. We have a rough idea but it is still a work in progress.
We are hoping to run some fundraisers in the future to raise money for this project and will let you know on the school website as to when we will be running them. We have a few ideas but if you have any good ideas for fundraisers then please be sure to tell your class school council reps as we love hearing ideas recommended by you. This way, we also know you want to do them! We will keep you updated but bye for now!
Have a great day!
(Year 6 School Council Representatives)