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Year 4 - The Globe Takeover Shakespeare Week - June 2020 

For one performance and one performance only, Year 4 will take charge of the Globe Theatre for a production of Macbeth.

Task 1: Design your own Macbeth poster to advertise the play so people will buy tickets.

Task 2: A new product is needed in the shop at the Globe Theatre. Your task is to produce your own thaumatrope based on Macbeth. 

Task 3: Stage design - Before the performance can take place, design a model of what the stage will look like for your actors.


Task 4: Costume Design - Design a costume for your main actors. 

Task 5: Interval Treat -  In every successful show, there is an interval treat to buy. Usually in a theatre this is ice cream, however, your performance will be different. Create your own unique interval treat to sell to your audience.

After show activity: 


Take One picture - January 2020

The ‘Take One Picture’ art week at Beehive Lane is aimed to inspire and develop a lifelong love of art and learning by promoting the role of visual arts within education.

Each class focused on a painting or artist and explored it in depth, developing techniques and ideas for using painting as a resource for curriculum-based learning.